Jamie Stokes

Jamie Stokes is a freelance writer, editor and editorial project manager working in the UK and US non-fiction publishing industries. He has written, contributed to and edited books for a wide range of English-language publishers including HarperCollins, Facts On File, Chelsea House, St. Martin’s Press and Grolier.

His projects have included encyclopedias, illustrated text books, lifestyle and hobby guides, activity books for kids and paperback trade titles. Please have a look at the Reference books and Mass market and kids books pages for more details of completed projects.

Jamie Stokes is British and currently lives in the Polish city of Kraków. He continues to work with UK and US publishers on freelance projects as well as writing for several Polish outlets in English and in Polish translation. He writes a regular column for the Krakow Post, Poland’s best English-language newspaper, a popular weekly column for Wirtualna Polska, one of Poland’s largest internet portals, and contributes to Polandian, a humorous website about the experience of living in Poland.

Jamie Stokes also works with Polish publishers, academics, translation agencies and businesses providing post-translation editorial and proofreading services.


11 Responses to Jamie Stokes

  1. ML Awanohara says:

    Hi, Jamie. I’ve really enjoyed reading some of your posts on a previous (pre-Polandians) blog–and in fact had occasion to link to your comments about stiff upper lip & Brit cool, on my own blog, Seen the Elephant. I’m writing because I’d love to feature an interview w/ you. Would you be up for that? Thanks in advance for your consideration…

  2. LEON Patrick says:

    Thanks a lot for your photos. I am im Krakow with my sons and happy to localize to day the famous old photos of the ghetto. It was very important for us.
    Thanks again.

  3. JD Scranton says:

    Hi Jamie,

    American born, moved to and lived in Canada for 30 years. Have been living in Warsaw for the past 7 with my beautiful Polish wife. We are both professional musicians. I came by your Polish road signs tonight…for tomorrow, I am taking the driving road exam in order to get my Polish DL. Decided to keep my Canadian, take a 60-hour long course and go get the Polish DL. Glad I took the course. Driving in Poland is very different than in N. America (rules, regulations, right of way, road signs and street markings are HUGELY different).

    Anyway, I’ve bookmarked your site “Polandian” and am enjoying the read. Keep up the good work!



  4. Martin says:

    Jamie…what has brought you to Poland and made you decide to stay? Today, with globalization you can write from anywhere on this planet ( well almost )…

  5. Jennifer says:

    Dear Jamie,
    Just scanned your post. Have lived in Poland for 20+ years and work as a translator – only from Polish to English. I’ve also attempted to ‘teach’ Polish to English translation to Poles and have given up. It’s not possible. Need help? Get in touch. By the way, I feel you pain deeply, totally.

  6. Elwira says:

    Hi Jamie,
    Im Polish, living in UK. Today I have red most of your stories on Wirtualna Polska. They were brilliant and funny. It alwayes amaze me how things which are normal and ordinary for us, are wierd or unbelivable for others. It works in all countries all around the globe. But I love most those ones about my home country..
    Thanx for noticing them :)

  7. odd says:

    I’m enjoying your writing on Polish topics. It helps me looking at my country in an objective way. And It is weird. But also interesting because my Belgian partner is very sceptical on my home country. I can imagine I’m too biased to be the right person to convince him. You hit the nail on the head (as they say here) with your description of a Polish wedding. His first reaction was “been there, done that!”, very funny when you know that he survived only the first two hours of the wedding trying to follow the polish Sto lat’s mixed with drinking vodka’s in between. Hilarious! Maybe one day he’d like to move with me to Poland. Cheers,

  8. Nicolas says:

    Bravo for the 100th issue of the Krakow Post, keep up with the good work :-)
    Cheers ++

  9. Dorota Jachym says:

    Hello there, I came across your website by a chance and was wondering if you could help me out with publishing my story. It is about someone I was with who raped me while I was asleep. My rapist would perform oral sex on me while I slept, although I would always wake up in the act semi-conscious, objecting to his behaviour. This occurred a few times, each time I would confront him the next day, he would claim it looked like I did not mind him doing it. The violation stopped. But one morning I woke up to a dreadful pain in the lower part of my body; my inner thighs hurt, my vagina and area around were painful and sore. I had difficulties with walking. I asked him if he did anything. There was a silence. When I said, I would have to go to the doctor, he said the pain will probably pass in a day or two. That night I was raped. He penetrated me violently, while I lied there, unable to defend. My boyfriend –my rapist.
    I have several accounts of stories I have written over years, I was wondering if publishing these would be something that could interest you.

  10. Dorota Jachym says:

    My rapist planned the rape. He came back from work knowing, that would be the night. It was Friday night. The day would usually be a drink night. But not this time. He planned to rape me that night. He sat in front of TV set, and waited, waited for me to go to sleep. That evening he did not look me even once in the face. I fell asleep.
    My rapist will never be punished for what he had done to me. He is free to enjoy life in Krakow.To me, he will always be a cowardish, low-life, violating a defenceless person. I have a premonition, this story and a few others, would not attract your attention and somewhat I know why.

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